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Welcome to the networked home, where increasingly complex devices have to talk to each other. Let us set up your wireless network for you. We can tell you how to connect your computers, share printers or access the Internet, or fix any networking issues, problems and errors that you encounter.

Whenever you need help with your home network, our own network of experts is ready, willing, and able to assist you.

Wired Networking   Wireless Networking   Home networking products
Wired Networking   Wireless Networking   Home Networking Products
Router/Modem   Print Server   Networking Adapters
Router/Modem   Print Server   Networking Adapters
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Some typical situations that we support

  • I'am not able to connect to the Internet.
  • How do I secure my wireless connection?
  • How do I share files on the network?
  • My router does not allow me to play games on the network.
  • How can I block sites on the Internet with my router?
  • How do I install my wireless router?
  • How do I upgrade my router's firmware?
  • Does a router replace the modem.
  • Do I need a wireless card to go online?
  • How do I add PC to my wireless network?
  • Sharing of print server with my network?
  • Installing my webcam and connecting to the net.
  • When connecting to the net with routers, its very slow.
  • What is WEP?
  • I think I have an intruder logging into my router.

SupportMinds offers best-in-class tech support for wired & wireless home network. Treat us as your 24x7 technical support help desk, support center or a personal technology advisor. Call us at 1 877 438 9111 now.