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PC Security

PC Security

Are you struggling with poor system performance and annoying pop-ups? Suspect that you have a virus? Are you paranoid that some sinister software is tracking you as you surf? Do you want to setup a personal firewall? Are you in need to setup parental control on web browsing?

SupportMinds experts clean up your computer and protect it against future attacks. We offer you one complimentary license of our anti-virus solution, which stays up-to-date as long as you're a subscriber.

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Some typical situations that we support

  • How do I secure my PC?
  • What are good browsing habits?
  • How do I enforce parental controls?
  • How to remove 'hijackers'?
  • Am I inside a firewall?
  • What is Ad-ware and why should I worry about it?
  • Am I being pinged, probed or attacked on this port?
  • How should I secure a wireless network?
  • What is Active-X?

SupportMinds offers best-in-class tech support for to keep your PC safe from all the harm. Treat us as your 24x7 technical support help desk, support center or a personal technology advisor. Call us at 1 877 438 9111 now.